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Creating an entry from a received e-mail

Note: This Ragic feature is completed using the features of AWS SES. If your database is using the on-premise option, you would need to purchase your own domain and AWS SES services to use this Ragic feature.

While the E-mail Support Ticket System Template allows users to manage received e-mails within Ragic, it is possible to create entries from received e-mails to save in your Ragic database by setting "apname.tab_path.sheet_index@tickets.ragic.com" as the e-mail recipient.

Let's say your database account name is testing123, and the sheet url is "www.ragic.com/testing123/forms1/1", then the corresponding e-mail address would be "testing123.forms1.1@tickets.ragic.com".

After entering the corresponding e-mail address, you will need to set up automatic forwarding to this e-mail address or add this e-mail address into your company e-mail group (or mailing list), so when you receive e-mails through your company's support e-mail address, they will be generated as entries in this sheet.

Your users can reply to the e-mails that are recieved directly through Ragic. All responses in the e-mail thread will be stored in the same entry as well.

In order to retrieve e-mail content data in corresponding fields, you can map the e-mail content to fields by adding manual attributes to each field, such as the subject, sender's e-mail address, name, etc.

Below are the parameters you can add for e-mail content mapping:

Parameter Value Description
email_subject 1 The e-mail's subject field will be mapped to this field
email_content 1 The e-mail's full content will be mapped to this field
email_updateDate 1 The ticket's last update date will be mapped to this field
email_fromAddress 1 The sender's e-mail address will be mapped to this field
email_fromPersonal 1 The e-mail from user name will be mapped to this field
email_updateEmail 1 The e-mail of the person who last updated this field
email_toAddress 1 The recipient's e-mail address will be mapped to this field
email_toPersonal 1 The recipient's name will be mapped to this field
email_ccAddress 1 The CC e-mail address will be mapped to this field
email_ccPersonal 1 The CC name will be mapped to this field
email_needAction 1 The need action Y/N will be mapped to this field
email_upload 1 The e-mail's attachment will be mapped to this field(The field type need to be File Upload)

After adding manual attributes to the fields, you can send a test e-mail to check if the e-mail content is now correctly mapped to the fields.

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