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Learning Ragic

There are many available ways to learn how to use Ragic to build your own database applications.

Interactive Tutorials

Your start page has interactive tutorials with step-by-step instructions, covering the basics of Ragic. You can access your start page from the Learn Ragic link on the top-right corner, or from the Start tab, under Learn how to create your own Ragic apps.

Ragic Developer Guide

The Ragic Developer Guide covers clear instructions on how to develop your own database app, including the following categories:

Basic Form Design

Advanced Form Design

User Management

Web Integration

Ragic Knowledge Base

You can search our knowledge base for its many articles on developing Ragic apps from your start page.

Video Tutorials

Ragic has some video tutorials available on your start page that shows you the basics of designing a database app.

Ragic Forum

You can post on our forum and also view past posts for discussions among other users and our support staff on building Ragic database apps.

Developer Support

Ragic offers a wide variety of support options for developers, such as the HTTP API documents and the Javascript Workflow Engine documentation.

Have other questions? E-mail us at support@ragic.com.

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