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What is upload storage? And What happens if I reach storage limit?

What is upload storage

In Ragic's paid plan, there is no limit to the storage of the data itself. However, in many situations, users may utilize file upload fields, image upload fields, or attachments in comments to store files related to the record, such as uploading invoices, product images, and attached files. These methods contribute to the upload storage.

Please refer to the following image for the upload storage provided in each plan:

The upload storage is shared among all users. For example, if you subscribe to a Professional plan for 5 users, the storage space for the database would be 30 GB x 5 = 150 GB altogether.

On the Backup and Restore page, you can see the current usage of upload storage.

What happens if I reach storage limit

Most of our limits are "soft limits", meaning that your application will not stop functioning when the limit is reached. We will simply notify you that you must upgrade your account or increase the number of user licenses to accommodate your current usage.

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