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Ragic Partner Program
Getting Started
  1. Go to the Partner Application Form to apply for being a Ragic partner if you havent already.
  2. Once your application is approved, you will gain access to our partner center, where you can create Ragic accounts for your clients. You can also request free community version accounts to build public demo and prototypes.
  3. When you create a Ragic account for one of your clients, you will be configured as the system administrator for the account. This way you will be able to install some templates, build some prototype applications for your client, and add users to the account for them to try out.
  4. When your client pays for their subscription, you will receive a 20% commission on the amount paid at the end of each quarter.
E-mail us at partners@ragic.com any time you need assistance.
Introducing Ragic to your clients
Understanding the problem
"People do not buy from salespeople because they understand their products but because they felt the salesperson understood their problems." - Spin Selling
Showing that you fully understand the customer's problems, is the key strategy when you're selling Ragic. Because you can quickly create a prototype system filled with keywords that the customer cares about in an hour, it's always worth the time to prepare this before the first meeting.
Having a working prototype that you can demo that's highly relevant to the client's problem, is your single most important weapon when selling Ragic. Even though the prototype might not be what the customer is looking for yet, but it can serve as a great way to start the conversation about what the actual needs are. At the end of the meeting, the customer will have the confidence that you fully understand their problems, and will be able to provide them with a suitable solution.
Partner Commission
The commission for reselling Ragic is 20% on all their recurring subscription payments. You are free to charge any service fees or maintenance fees on top of the Ragic subscription, according to the actual service you provided to the customer. If you have developed some custom scripts for your client, we recommend quoting the customer an annual maintenance fee for you to keep the custom script updated.
Volume Discount
Ragic provides a volume discount for professional plan, concurrent user plan, and enterprise plans with 20 users or above. You can refer to the table on different discount rate for different number of users. The discount rate per user is the same for all three plans mentioned. You can take the volume discount into consideration when quoting your client on Ragic license fee.
Users per account Volume Discount
20-49 15%
50-99 25%
100-199 35%
200-300 40%
300-500 45%
500+ 50%
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