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Give real, relevant demo

People do not buy from salespeople because they understand their products, but because they felt the salesperson understood their problems.

Above is a well known quote from best selling book "SPIN Selling". It addresses the problem salespeople face when presenting their solution to their clients: They don't want to hear what your solution do, they want to hear how you solve their problems.

Because Ragic Builder can usually create prototypes or proof of concepts in a few hours, after just a brief understanding of the client's need. When Ragic partners demo their solution, not just a mockup, but a real working application, the demo will contain key fields, words and functions they care about. Clients will get the feel that this solution is highly relevant to their situation, and their problems are understood.

Dramatically cut project cost

Light means shorter projects. Shorter projects means smaller risks.

Human resources is by far the biggest element of cost in enterprise IT projects. Building Web applications is one bottomless pit that requires highly trained, expensive programmers. Even though writing good enterprise Web application is hard, but it's actually quite tedious that eventually wears out most seasoned IT professionals.

We know how hard it is to look for good Web developers. We think these valueable talents should do more innovative, challenging work, rather than creating endless amount of similar database tables, data objects, and Web forms. Ragic can do them a lot faster, saving developers time to work on highly specialized UI, complex reports, and important business logic and workflows.

For more information on how Ragic Builder can help you on your projects, please see Light Development in projects.

Continuous Light Development

Once clients tasted light development, they'll be wanting for more.

Once a person knows that he can make fast copies with the copying machine, it's hard for him to go back to hand copying documents. Almost all of Ragic Builder users ask their Ragic partner for new application needs first, because they know how much time and money they are going to save this way.

Even though Ragic is not a lock-in solution, but clients always come back for it's price, speed, and pridictability. Plus, once they've bought their standard Ragic Builder license, they can host as many applications as they want on it without additional software cost!

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