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How to obtain a receipt from Stripe or an invoice from Ragic after making a payment? Can I know the format in advance?

Currently, after making a payment using the default credit card, you can view the details of your payment on the following:

1. Receipt sent by the payment service provider, Stripe

2. Invoice provided by Ragic

Receipt sent by the payment service provider, Stripe

After each successful payment for a billing period (monthly or yearly) with automatic credit card payment, you will receive a receipt sent by our payment service provider, Stripe. The format of these receipts cannot be adjusted manually, and the "Bill to" field will be "Database Name + Billing Contact Email."

Receipt Example:

Invoice provided by Ragic

You can view your invoices by navigating to Start tab > Account Setup > Account Billing. This page will display all previous invoices (along with their payment status). The information displayed on these invoices can be customized, and you can refer to the instructions to adjust the content of the "Bill To" section.

For payment by wire transfer, your invoice will not be automatically generated by Stripe or Ragic System. Instead, we will manually send the invoice to you.

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