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What is {{RECORD_ID}} in e-mail template and how does it work?

The URL of each record in Ragic is "www.ragic.com/Account Name/Tab Path/Sheet Index/Record ID".

The {{RECORD_ID}} parameter can be very useful if you need to send E-mails attaching the URL of a record in corresponding multiple versions because the record ID is the same in any multiple versions of the sheet.

For example, you have two multiple versions for "Job Application Management", where the first version is open for guest users (the applicants) to submit resumes, and the second contains applicant's resume with the HR's evaluative comments (which cannot be viewed by the guest users).

For internal management purposes, you can also create a Custom E-mail Button to confirm and send interview invitations with the URL of the applicant's resume attached.

Note: to prevent applicants from seeing their resume evaluations, the URL attached in the E-mail you are going to send them should be "the URL of the multiple version of the sheet without the action button/{{RECORD_ID}}".

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