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How to Set Your Google Account as Your Ragic Database’s SMTP Server?

If you want to send emails from your database through your Gmail account, you can follow the steps below to set your Google account as your database’s SMTP Server.

1. Enter your Google Account’s management page, such as clicking your profile picture on the top right corner of your Gmail page and then click "Manage your Google Account".

2. Enter the security settings page, and click to enter the 2-step verification settings page.

3. Turn on your Google account’s 2-step verification.

4. After turning 2-step verification on, click to enter the 2-step verification page again and scroll to the bottom to click and enter the “App passwords” settings page.

5. When selecting the app to generate the app password, please select "Other (Custom name)"and enter a custom name such as “Ragic” and then click "generate" to generate the app password.

6. Apply SMTP settings to your database.

Cloud Database SMTP Settings

Please go to your Ragic database’s company settings page and enter your SMTP information:

Enable Customization SMTP Settings: Yes

SMTP Address: smtp.gmail.com

SMTP Port: 587

SMTP Account: Your Google account

SMTP Password: The app password generated in step 5

The other SMTP settings fields are optional.

On-Premises Database SMTP Settings

If your database is on-premises, please enter the following parameters in private server config:



SMTP_SENDER_AUTH_PWD=The app password you generated in step 5




SMTP_SENDER_EMAL=Sender Email Address

Remember to restart your on-premises service after modifying parameters in private server config.

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