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How to mark an entry as "Converted" ?

Once the user press the convert record action button, if you wish to prevent users from converting the entry more than once, you may refer to this article. If you want to mark the entry as "Converted" while allowing users to press the button again, please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Add a new field on the source sheet to mark the entry as "Converted"

On the sheet where you set up the action button, please add a "Converted?" checkbox field to mark whether the entry is converted.

Step 2. Create an "Update Values" action button to update the "Converted?" field

When setting up the update values action button, please update the "Converted?" field with "Yes."

Step 3. Combine buttons

Please use combine button to merge the button you created in Step 2. with the original convert record button. Besides, You can hide the original one so users won't accidentally execute it.

With the above steps, when the users press the merged button, the system will convert the entry and update the "Converted?" field to "Yes." Hence, you'll be able to recognize the convert status via the "Converted?" field. You may also apply conditional formatting to highlight if necessary.

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