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Looking for entries and field values

You have two options when doing queries in Ragic: Through the top search bar, and through the left sidebar search tool.

The top search bar works like a search engine, which can help you to find full values, while also offering you search suggestions when you begin to type. This is a very useful tool when you are looking for a specific entry where you know at least one of the values.

The top search bar cannot be used to search partial data, which means that you cannot search for the last three digits "001" if you have a value such as "1234567001". For this kind of query, you can use the left sidebar search tool.

The left sidebar search tool is able to find more complicated search queries, since you can select one or more filters to narrow down your search results. These filters are defined according to the corresponding value type of every field in the form, therefore different query methods are offered for different types of fields. For example, if the field type is a Selection field, all the choices within the selection field will be listed as a multiple selection, so that you can click on the ones you need to filter. If the field type is a Number field, you can search in a range. After setting all of the filters you need in the search bar, click on the Search button above the filter categories for the results.

You can save your search as a View if you would like to use the same filters frequently.

Your saved Views are listed on the left side, above the Search button.

After finishing your search, clicking on the Clear Filters button will lead back to the full database.

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