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Do you provide other forms of billing and payment?

Besides online payments, we also accept manual payments such as direct transfers to our bank accounts in the US or Taiwan (We are registered in the US and Taiwan). We will issue a PDF invoice after we've confirmed your transfer.

For manual payments, your subscription must be paid yearly. During the subscribed year, you will not be refunded if you decide to subtract the number of subscribed users, downgrade your subscription or stop using your database. If you need to add additional users during your subscription period, the subscription price of the additional users will be calculated by the plan selected multiplied by the time remaining (calculated in months) in the yearly subscription.

For example, let’s say you’ve manually paid for a 5-user professional plan yearly subscription, and the subscription starts on 2018/03/21 and ends on 2019/03/20. And on 2018/09/01, if you then email us asking to add three users, there are two options:

1. Start their subscription on 2018/09/01, but these three users will be additionally charged for the seven remaining months of the yearly subscriptions (in billing terms, these three users' subscriptions will start on 2018/08/21).

2. Start their subscription on 2018/09/21, and these three users will be additionally charged for the remaining 6 months of the yearly subscription.

If you would like to flexibly modify your plan and add or subtract the number of subscribed users, we suggest subscribing with a credit card so the system can automatically pro-rate your subscription fee according to your current plan and number of subscribed users, and then automatically process your payment. For more information about how Ragic's subscription fee changes with the number of users, please refer to this document.

If you would like to proceed with manual bank payments, please e-mail sales@ragic.com with your Company Title, the plan and number of users you would like to subscribe with, and we can provide you with the details to proceed.

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