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What’s inside the Ragic Enterprise Plan?

What’s inside the Ragic Enterprise Plan?

1. Dedicated Managed VM

Opt for a dedicated managed AWS/GCP instance for your Ragic service, allowing complete control over your schedule update. Please note that selecting a dedicated server means you must subscribe to Ragic enterprise plan with no option to downgrade.

2. Using SAML Protocol to Allow Using Single Sign-On

This feature is only available for the Enterprise plan databases using the on-premises version and the cloud version. For detailed information, please refer to this document.

If you are not on the Enterprise Plan, you can use the LDAP protocol for AD integration. However, this is only supported on on-premise databases using the Professional plan or higher. For more information, you may refer to this document.

3. Test Environment

We will provide a test environment with the same license number as your production environment.

4. Uptime SLAs

Guaranteed 99.99% uptime, 24/7 hotline to system administrator. We offer this option for enterprises with compliance requirements, and does not imply that other plans are managed with lower quality.

Pricing and Payment

The Enterprise Plan is $55 per month per user. However, this plan requires a minimum of 10 users, meaning that it starts at $550 per month.

In addition, this plan is paid yearly, meaning that you have to use this plan for at least one year. You can switch to other plans after the subscription year if you wish to do so.

On-premises: You can choose to install Ragic on your own server. In this case, you will need to manage and update your database by yourself. So, we recommend you employ on-premises only when you have dedicated personnel who will manage your Ragic service.

Concurrent user option: Enterprise concurrent user plan also available for enterprises with a high number of users that does not log in at the same time. Plan starts at $1399 per month, which includes 10 concurrent users. $139.9 per month for each extra concurrent user. The number of concurrent users refers to the maximum number of users that can access your database account at the same time. For example, if you have license for 10 concurrent users and there are 10 users currently online accessing your account, the next user trying to log into your database would have to wait in line until one of the logged-in users has signed out of your database.

Discount: Enterprise plan also has volume discount and educational/non-profit pricing.

Pricing: https://www.ragic.com/intl/en/pricing

If you are interested in enterprise plan, feel free to e-mail to "sales@ragic.com".

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