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Feature Access Settings

Feature Access Settings

Ragic has certain default access rights for user groups for features and they are visible under the Feature Settings menu. Click the hamburger icon on the upper-left of the page, and select Feature Settings under User Access.

Below are the features that are listed in the Feature Access Setting menu.

Feature Access SettingDescriptionDefault Setting
Import Data From FileThe ability to import data from .csv and .xls files. This includes doing a mass update by importing dataSYSAdmin
Download Listing PageExporting data from the listing pageEveryone
Download Files From Listing PageDownload files from file upload fieldEveryone
Download Form PageDownloading single entries from the form pageEveryone
Mass Actions
Mass E-mailSending out mass e-mailsSYSAdmin
Mass SMSSending out mass text messagesSYSAdmin
Mass DeleteDeleting filtered entries from the listing page. Users also need to have the Admin or Survey User access right to the sheet to be able to use this featureSYSAdmin
Edit Listing PageEditing entries through the listing page through the Edit multiple entries feature or with Mass update.
Users need to have Admin or Survey User access rights on the sheet
Mass File UploadUploading multiple files into existing records in a sheetSYSAdmin
Show Edit Icon in Listing PageShowing edit icon in listing pagesEveryone
Fast Delete FunctionEnabling fast delete mode when deleting entries. Users can only use fast delete when it's allowed in Company SettingsSYSAdmin
Create and view ReportGenerate and view reports from sheets. Saving reports under the report tab will require SYSAdmin rightsEveryone
Generate Website PluginsCreating a website plugin through the web embed toolSYSAdmin
Basic Actions
Delete RecordDeleting entriesSYSAdmin
Clone recordCloning entriesEveryone
Email EntryE-mailing an entryEveryone
Lock RecordLocking an entry so it cannot be edited without unlockingSYSAdmin
New RecordCreating new entriesEveryone
Share this EntryGenerate a link of this entry that guest users (non-login users) can modify or seeEveryone
Cancel ApprovalCancel pending approval or finished approvalSYSAdmin
Side Bar
Most VisitedMost visited sheets listed on the left side panelSYSAdmin
Recent ItemsRecent items listed on the left side panelEveryone
ViewsViews listed on the left side panelEveryone
User ManualUser manual listed on the left side of home pageEveryone
Share ViewsCreate shared view on the left side panelSYSAmin
Home Page
TasksTasks listed on the right side of home page. Restricting this feature’s access will affect the use of the tasks function on the top right corner and the display of tasks on the home page. Only for non-SYSAdmin user.Everyone
EventsEvents listed on the right side of home page. Only for non-SYSAdmin user.Everyone
Calendar SyncGrant the right to execute Calendar Sync for non-SYSAdmin user.SYSAdmin

Configuring Feature Access Settings

You can configure the access rights for certain features within Ragic if you have a professional plan subscription or above. Simply select the user groups that should have access to use a certain feature.

Granting Different Feature Access Rights For a User on Different Sheets

Your users can have different feature access rights on different sheets. All you have to do is to add them to different user groups that have different feature and sheet access rights.

For example, let’s say the following database settings are applied:

1. Amy is part of both the Sales and HR user groups.

2. The Sales user group is granted with the feature access to export Ragic data, but not the HR user group.

On the Sales Order sheet, if the Sales user group is set with admin access rights, Amy will be allowed to export the data on this sheet.

On the Leave of Absence sheet, if the HR user group is set with admin access rights and the Sales user group is set with no rights, Amy will not be allowed to export the data on this sheet despite being able to view or edit all entries. This is because the HR user group is not granted the feature access to export data.

Therefore, if you would like to allow certain users to use certain features on certain sheets only, you may create a new user group and grant the user group the respective feature access rights and sheet access rights.

However, if the user group "EVERYONE" is granted a feature's feature access rights, any user in the database will be able to use the feature when he or she has access rights to the sheet and his or her access rights fulfill the requirements of the feature written in the "description" column in the grid above.

For example, let's consider the following conditions.

1. User Amy is in the "Sales" user group.

2. The "Sales" user group is not granted the feature access rights to export data from the listing page.

3. The "EVERYONE" user group is granted the feature access rights to export data from the listing page.

4. The "Sales" user group is set with Survey User access rights on the "Sales Order" sheet.

If the above conditions all apply, Amy may export data from the "Sales Order" sheet's listing page.

Feature Access Settings for External Users

Currently only the features listed below are available for External users, if the feature access rights are granted.

1. Download listing and form pages (Export)

2. Clone, and create records (Basic Actions)

3. Share this entry, including sharing this entry with WhatsApp (Basic Actions)

4. Side Bar

5. Home Page

6. Generate Website Plugins (Reporting)

7. Calendar Sync

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