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Reverting to a previous design

Reverting to a previous design

Previous versions

History Analyzer

Previous versions

While designing your database forms, sometimes you might find that the previously saved version was better, or you mistakenly changed something unintentionally. In such cases, you can revert to a previous design version that was saved earlier.

Under the Design Mode, you will see the Previous Versions button at the upper right corner.

You'll be able to view all previously saved design versions in the menu. Select the version you would like to restore, you will be prompted that the loaded version will not take effect until you save your form design. After clicking the "Restore" button you will be able to view the previous version of your form design in the design mode.

Note that the previous version will literally be restored only if you click the "Save" button, so even though you click on the wrong version, it won't be saved immediately.

Another important thing is that it's better to save periodically while working on a form design, as it's easy to make mistakes.

If you make a lot of changes in a version and wish to undo the design, you will need to either exit the Design Mode without saving the changes, as manually changing the design back is more time-consuming.

History Analyzer

If you would like to check major design changes between each design version, you can use the History Analyzer, which can be found by clicking the graph icon within the Previous Versions menu.

In the History Analyzer, the details for each design version, such as new fields that were added or modified field types will be displayed.

Please note that only significant design changes will be shown in the History Analyzer, such as formula, field name, field types, etc.

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