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Adding an Entry

Adding an Entry using the +New Button

If you don't see "+New" button on your sheet, it may be related to the access rights you are granted. If you have any questions about your access rights or not being able to add entries on a sheet, please contact your SYSAdmin of the database to check for the proper access rights configurations.

To add a new entry to a sheet, you can click on the +New button on either the listing page or form page.

This will take you to a new blank form page, in which you can input data.

You can directly paste a clipboard image into Free Text and Rich Text Editor fields. (It's extremely convenient that you can paste your screenshot directly when it's saved in your clipboard.)

If you would like to create a new entry based on an existing entry, in order to save time for duplicated information, click on the Clone Entry under the Tools menu to copy an entire entry. (Some restrictions might apply, depending on how your feature access right on the sheet was set up by your SYSAdmin.)

Adding entries from the listing page with the Quick Add option

You can click the + icon on the left side of your top row to add a new entry to your database sheet through your listing page.

This will create a new empty row at the top of your listing page, where you can type in values, or select values according to the field types.

Don't forget to click Save button on the top of your listing page in order to save your new entry.

Note: If you have autogenerated fields, default values on your fields, or fields that have a formula on your form that are displayed on your listing page, these fields will be populated by Ragic.

On the other hand, if you do not want to display these fields on your listing page, restrictions might apply. See Exceptions below.

To add multiple rows at the same time, click the + icon as many times as you need without saving your previous entries.

Don't forget to click Save in order to save your new entries.


Some restrictions apply for forms that require certain actions to be done through the form page instead of the listing page, and will not allow you to use the Quick Add function by disabling the + button. In the following cases, you will be asked to do data entry on the form page instead.

• The form page has a field with the Not Empty attribute set.

• The form page has a field with the hidden attribute set that's not in the listing page.

• The form page has a field with the default value set that's not in the listing page.

• The form page has a field with an autogenerated field value field type that's not in the listing page.

• The form page has a field with a formula, that's not in the listing page.

• The sheet has a pre-workflow or post-workflow action that has been set in the back end with the server-side Javascript workflow engine.

Accessing the sheet as Bulletin User or Viewer.

Importing Data

Ragic gives you several options to add new entries by importing your data, provided you have the necessary access rights.

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