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Sorting entries

Using Sorting through Field Headers

You can click on the arrow next to the field headers on your listing page to sort the results to be displayed ascending or descending order according to that field values.

You will see a triangle icon next to the field header if you apply sorting to this field, which will point upwards when sorted ascending, and downwards when sorted descending.

Sorting applied to the field header can be cleared via the "Clear sorting" option through the arrow next to the field header you're applying the sorting from.

If you search the data by full text search, the sorting will be according to the correlation to the key word instead.

And the sorting can be applied in subtable headers as well.

Multiple Sorting

You can also sort multiple fields in the Listing Page.

For example: sorting Customer Name first (as shown below),

then the total price from the largest to the smallest by clicking on the "Total" field header > Sort by Customer Name then by Total Largest to Smallest.

The sorting order number will be indicated next to the field header title.

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