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Using @mention to collaborate with your teammates

If you need to confirm with a teammate if an entry on the sheet is correct or start a conversation with a teammate on an entry, @mention allows you to notify a user in a free text field, comments, cell comments, and task comments. When you type @, autocomplete shows a list of users and user groups to choose from, and [[@ username]] will be displayed after the selection.

When the entry is saved, the user you mention will receive a notification and an E-mail notifying that they are mentioned in an entry by someone. If the user clicks the notification or the link in the E-mail, it will navigate to the entry, allowing the user to confirm the data, comment, and communicate with teammates. Users will be notified multiple times if they are repeatedly mentioned.

It is also worth mentioning that if a user does not have access rights to a sheet, you can still mention them in the entry, but they would not receive the system notification and the notification E-mail. Therefore, please make sure that the user has access rights to the sheet before using @mention.

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