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Saving frequent searches as personal views

Saving frequent searches as personal views

Saving as Personal Views

Removing Saved Views

Saving as Personal Views

As you query more and more often, you'll notice that you might have a set of queries that you regularly execute. You can save these types of frequent searches on any combination of fields in your form from the left sidebar search tool as a Personal View.

Your saved Personal Views are listed on the left side, above the Search button.

Please note that other users in your account won't be able to see this even if they have access to the same sheet.

You can always click on the Clear Filters button which will lead you back to the full database.

If you would like to have a view that can be shared with everyone, you may ask your SYSAdmin / the designer of the sheet to create a shared view.

Removing Saved Views

To remove the saved views, click on the arrow next to the saved view's name, and select "Remove Personal View".

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