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Listing Page and Form Pages

One big difference that you'll first notice between Ragic and other spreadsheet applications is the concept of listing pages and form pages. This distinction is extremely important for using Ragic.

A Listing Page is a table that contains the summary of many entries.

Clicking on an entry row in the listing page will take you to the form page of that particular entry.

A Form Page is the full detail of a single entry as a page.

You can easily go back to the listing page by clicking the arrow icon on the upper left.

Entries that are made in form pages will be displayed as rows on the listing page, and the fields that are set for the entries are shown as the column headers, with the values of these entries listed in the correlating row of the entry. Clicking on an entry on the listing page will take you to the form page of this entry, where you can see the full detail.

On Listing Page, you can adjust the width and height of the field.

To adjust the field width, drag the vertical border of the field header to the left or right.

To adjust the field height, drag the horizontal border of the leftmost field of the table upwards or downwards:

In the example below, clicking on the sales order entry in the listing page takes us to the form page of that particular sales order, where the ordering customer and a detailed breakdown of the ordered products can be seen.

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