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If you mistakenly modified multiple records, how can you fix it?

Sometimes you might incorrectly modify lots of records with mass editing. When this happens, you can download a single sheet's data to find previous field values back.

Before downloading the sheet backup file, you may check when the wrong editing happened in record history.

When downloading the backup, don't forget to set the time so you can get the last edited data before the specified time. For example, if your incorrect edit was completed at 2022/09/14 17:47:14 and the last correct edit was completed at 2022/08/31 14:35:32, you can enter 2022/09/12 01:00:00 or any other time values in between the two editing times in this optional time box.

Finally, after exporting the backup file, you can then correct your data by importing this backup file back to the sheet.

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