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What’s inside the Ragic Enterprise Plan?

Ragic allows you to easily design your own database without customizing any scripts or writing any codes. However, for most plans, you would have to design your database with the tools in Ragic. If you would like us to design your database, you can consider the Enterprise Plan.

The Dedicated Ragic Consultant of the Enterprise Plan

If you purchase the Enterprise Plan, a dedicated Ragic consultant will be assigned to your account to gather your application requirements and design your database for your organization.

The design service includes all customizations that can be done with Ragic but without writing code.

For customization that requires writing code, Ragic can introduce partner companies and freelances to engage in projects that may incur additional costs paid to our partners directly.

Time and Process

Although the dedicated Ragic consultant will create and design your database, you will still need to take part in the process too. The Ragic consultant will have many meetings with you to understand what your database needs and how it should be.

The time needed to complete the design of the database varies depending on the database's level of complexity and the communication process. From our previous experiences, the designing process can take from one month up to one year.

Here is a brief view of the process:

Discussion and confirmation of database requirements, Consultant designs the database, clients test the database and provide feedback, consultant make updates to your database regarding the feedbacks, clients test the database again and provide more feedbacks…...(repeat the previous three steps many times)…..., database goes online.

Generally, the communication process will be done via e-mails or online conference calls.

Pricing and Payment

The Enterprise Plan is $55 per month per user. However, this plan requires a minimum of 10 users, meaning that it starts at $550 per month.

In addition, this plan is paid yearly, meaning that you have to use this plan for at least one year. Within this period, the consultant is responsible for designing and maintaining your database. You can switch to other plans after the year if you wish to do so. Furthermore, there is no 30-day trial for the Enterprise Plan, which is only available on the Lite and Professional Plans.

For more details on the pricing of Ragic, you can click here.

What do you Need to Prepare Before Proceeding with the Enterprise Plan?

First and foremost, the Ragic consultant will have a meeting with you to understand what your database needs. In the meeting, the Ragic consultant will also evaluate whether your database requirements would work on Ragic, or what functions would need extra customized scripts.

Before the meeting, please prepare a document with the detailed requirements (including process, types of sheets, the relationship between sheets, etc). The document is essential for us to evaluate your database.

Other Options?

If you still want us to design your database but you have concerns about the pricing, you can simply request for the Ragic consulting service, which is $90 per hour. We will provide you with the estimated price and time (this includes the time used in meetings) regarding your requirements. If there are additional requirements after the initial estimate, there may be an additional charge. Therefore, we suggest you clearly describe what your database needs in the first place.

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