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  • 1. How do I delete a sheet or tab?
    1. 2. How do I create great looking forms?
      1. 3. Can I link the data between different forms?
        1. 4. How to import from Excel or CSV into Ragic?
          1. 5. Can I embed a sheet into my website or blog?
            1. 6. Can I store files, pictures, and videos on Ragic?
              1. 7. Can I save my data as Excel or print it out?
                1. 8. How do I create an HTML form that saves its data to a Ragic form?
                  1. 9. How do I backup my data?
                    1. 10. Does Ragic have a mobile app?
                      1. 11. How to let other people see the data on my sheet?
                        1. 12. What happens when two users try to update the same entry?
                          1. 13. How do I add my team members to my database?
                            1. 14. Can some fields be visible only for certain groups of users?
                              1. 15. Can I set entries to be viewed or edited only by certain users?
                                1. 16. I have a lot of users outside my company that use our DB once in a while, how can I save on user licenses?
                                  1. 17. What's the difference between Lite and Professional version?
                                    1. 18. How do I upgrade or start my subscription?
                                      1. 19. Can I change my plan?
                                        1. 20. What is upload storage? And What happens if I reach storage limit?
                                          1. 21. What does Ragic mean?
                                            1. 22. Translating Ragic into your Own Language

                                              1    How do I delete a sheet or tab?

                                              You can access the context menu of a tab or sheet by right clicking on it, or left clicking on the arrow icon that appears when you hover on the tab or sheet name.

                                              Choosing "Delete" will delete the tab or the sheet.

                                              To delete a report, you can right click on the report name to access the context menu and choose "Delete".

                                              If the system stop you from deleting a sheet, please refer to this document.

                                              If you acccidentally deleted an application tab or sheet and would like to recover it, you can check to see if it's under the Recycle Bin of your Account Setup.

                                              If you cannot find your deleted sheet or tab, you can contact Ragic Support at support@ragic.com to help you restore a backup.

                                              2    How do I create great looking forms?

                                              1. Add your company logo

                                              It's always a great idea to customize Ragic to fit your company's look & feel. If you are using Ragic's professional or on-premise plan, you can replace the Ragic logo in the top-left to your company's logo. (if you're using a different plan, check the next tip!)

                                              Go to your Company Setting under your Account Setup. You can upload your company logo on this page so that it'll show up on every page.

                                              2. Add images to your form design

                                              Adding a header or footer on paper or on digital forms usually works great to establish your corporate identity. Same goes for banners and your logo. The design elements you add here will be displayed in the printer-friendly version as well.

                                              To add a default image that will always display on all your forms, simply add a static text field with an HTML image tag containing a link to your image. Learn how to do this by following the simple instructions here.

                                              3. Mix and match your colors

                                              You can change the style of static text fields as well as the headers of regular fields to fit your company's corporate identity. Whether the colors you choose match your logo or your website's color scheme, editing the colors will add a sense of integrity to your overall design.

                                              4. Make the columns fit just right.

                                              Whether it's your listing page or form page, having overset text is pretty unseemly. To avoid this, you can drag the edges of the column header from the design mode to fit your field header, or the width of your field values.

                                              Additionally, you can change the field header text from the design mode of your listing page. The changes made for what is displayed on the listing page will not reflect to the form page, and vice versa.

                                              5. What about the rows?

                                              If you'd like to keep everything on one line, you can have a field span multiple columns from the Basic tab while designing your form page.

                                              If you'd rather have a paragraph-like field that would expand as you enter more data, you can resize the height of the row, just like editing the width of the columns in the design mode.

                                              6. Add some space

                                              It's always a good idea to leave some white space for better readability, like how you'd leave a margin when composing a text document.

                                              I've discovered that the best way for this in Ragic is to leave an occasional empty column (for me a 50-px width looks great) between fields in the same row in the form page.

                                              7. Keep your listing page clean.

                                              One of the best features that comes with using Ragic is the powerful search engine — you can search for values that aren't displayed on the listing page with any of the search tools.

                                              You can also click on individual entries to go to the form page and view the details of each entry.

                                              This means that you don't have to display most of the fields on your listing page, save the important data. You can choose which fields are displayed as columns in the listing page from the design mode.



                                              8. Be consistent.

                                              However you wish to design your forms, make sure that the design of your forms are consistent with each other to avoid confusion.

                                              This knowledge base entry was originally posted in our blog.

                                              3    Can I link the data between different forms?

                                              Ragic supports several ways of one-to-many relationships. You can find them under the Sheet Linking Tools button in the Design Mode.

                                              These methods are explained more clearly in our documentation:

                                              Link & Load

                                              Multiple Versions

                                              New Sheet from Subtable

                                              Show References from Existing Sheets

                                              4    How to import from Excel or CSV into Ragic?

                                              Ragic has a convenient import wizard for users to import from their existing data from Excel or CSV files. To import from your files to Ragic, you can go to the listing page that you would like to import your data to, and choose Import Data From File under Tools. There will be a step-by-step wizard to guide you through the field mapping process as well as other configurations for the data to import correctly.

                                              For Ragic to map your information correctly to entries, you will need to have a unique identification that we call key field, such as "Product ID" for products, or "Customer No." for your customers. To make your database easier to use, let the first column of your import data be this type of key field.

                                              Upload your file. Ragic supports .xls .xlsx and .csv files. We recommend that you save your file as .csv for the best performance.

                                              Determine if your first row is the header. If so, Ragic will automatically determine how the data in this row will be mapped to your fields for the next step.

                                              Check to see if all the target fields are correct. This is especially important if you have similar names for two seperate fields. You can also choose to ignore columns of data that you do not want to import. Note that the target field values should also be in the correct formatting, such as the date format. If you're importing into a "select user" field, you will need to have the user's e-mail that's used in Ragic instead of the username that you see to uniquely identify the person.

                                              Choose the import policy to handle duplicated keys during your import. If you choose Create new entry, new entries will be created containing data with the same key values. If you choose Renew data, your existing data will be updated if you have entries with the same key value, and new entries will be created for the key values that aren't in your database. This type of import policy is especially useful when you are doing mass editing.

                                              You can configure Advance Settings in Import Policy as well if necessary.

                                              Advanced SettingDescription
                                              Fill in default field valuesIf you have a configured default value in your sheet, please check this box so that the field value will be updated or populated with the import.
                                              Execute link and loadIf there are sets of link and load configured on your sheet, please check this box to have the loaded fields auto-populated. Otherwise, the loaded fields will be left empty if the field values aren't included in your import file.
                                              Recalculate all formulasRecalculate all formulas during the import.
                                              Execute work-flowExecute work-flow, if any, in your sheet.
                                              Execute not empty checkCheck if there are field values configured with the "Not Empty" feature. If there is no field value, Ragic will skip that row during the import.
                                              Create detail historyShow editing history in entry's information panel.
                                              Execute validation check Check if the field value meets the configured validation . If it doesn't, Ragic will skip that row during the import.

                                              If you're not importing into an existing Ragic sheet, you can also use the Excel or CSV file to create a new sheet as you import. Just choose "Create Form From Excel" in the "Tools" menu instead.

                                              5    Can I embed a sheet into my website or blog?

                                              Ragic applications come with a variety of useful Website Plug-ins that could be embedded on your website, or sent as a separate link to others. These website plug-ins become available automatically as you create the sheets in your applications.

                                              You can view our documentation on how to use the Web Embed Feature in Ragic for more information.

                                              6    Can I store files, pictures, and videos on Ragic?

                                              Yes, Ragic supports the upload of all types of files. In the Design Mode, choose the input type File Upload or Image Upload for the field.

                                              Another way to do this is to simply drag and drop the File Upload or Image Upload components from the "add component" tab at the left.

                                              To upload a file, users can find and select it from your computer or drag and drop it into the field.

                                              7    Can I save my data as Excel or print it out?

                                              Yes, simply go to "Tools" and choose "Download as Excel File". For a printer friendly version, just choose "Printer Friendly" instead.

                                              This works both on listing and form pages. If you would like to download from the listing page, Ragic can download all entries regardless of the paging. However please note that the Excel saved on the list page does not include the content of subtables within each form page. On the other hand, on the form page, it saves a single data record only, but including subtables.

                                              8    How do I create an HTML form that saves its data to a Ragic form?

                                              This is very simple to do with Ragic if you know how to create forms in HTML. Suppose you want to create a form that saves entries in this sample pet store merchandise form.

                                              1. Find the Field Id for each field that you would like to save in the HTML form. You can find them in the Design Mode when you focus on a field.

                                              2. Create a form like this HTML sample, Your HTML form saves data to the same form URL, adding the query string parameter "api". Put down the field id as the parameter name for each field to be mapped on the Ragic form:

                                              <!-- Your HTML form saves data to the same form URL, except change www.ragic.com to api.ragic.com -->

                                              <!-- Adding the web parameter means that api server returns html instead of default JSON -->

                                              <form action="https://www.ragic.com/start/petstore/1?html&api" method="POST">

                                              <!-- Put down the field id as the parameter name for each field to map them to a field on the Ragic form -->

                                              <p>Item Id: <input type="text" name="1000001" /></p>

                                              <p>Item Name: <input type="text" name="1000003" /></p>

                                              <p>Item Price: <input type="text" name="1000005" /></p>

                                              <!-- Selections work the same way, just pass the selection value as parameter value -->

                                              <p>Item Category:

                                              <input type="radio" name="1000002" value="Dog" /> Dog

                                              <input type="radio" name="1000002" value="Cat" /> Cat



                                              3. Make sure that the user has the correct access rights to enter data on this form.

                                              9    How do I backup my data?

                                              Ragic servers are backed up daily automatically. But if you need an extra layer of protection, you can manually back up your data by going to the Backup & Restore section in your Account Setup page.

                                              Choose Download backup of your account, and download the backup.

                                              If you want to download your data in a format that is easier to read, you can also use the Download as Excel File or Download as Text File feature that could be accessed in the listing page of a form from Tools.

                                              10    Does Ragic have a mobile app?

                                              Ragic has native Android and iOS apps you can download on your smartphone

                                              Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

                                              You can also open your mobile browser and log in to www.ragic.com for a direct web access.

                                              11    How to let other people see the data on my sheet?

                                              You can simply give out the URL of your database to other people for them to access. All accounts, sheets and entries have their unique URL, which is also the URL in the address bar of your browser.

                                              For other people to actually see your data, they must have the correct access rights to your sheet. You can change the access right settings on your sheet by going to the Design Mode. You will find the Access Rights tab under Form Settings.

                                              All of the user groups in your account will be listed here, as well as an additional group Everyone, which represents everyone, including the users who haven't logged in, or individuals who are not a user in your account.

                                              You can set the access rights for every group of users listed here. The access privileges that are being set is specified on the configuration interface. If a user is in multiple groups, they will access the form with the group that grants them the most privilege.

                                              You can also add custom groups by clicking on "Add User Group", under the list of your user groups.

                                              Remember to save the form design after you change the access right setting. You do not need to set this to both listing page and form page, the access right is applied to all pages of a sheet.

                                              If a user still cannot see the data after you grant them the privilege, ask them to log out and log back in to refresh their access right settings.

                                              12    What happens when two users try to update the same entry?

                                              When a user begins editing an entry, he will create a lock for this entry. So when another user tries to edit this entry, Ragic will display a screen telling the other user that the entry is locked, and that they should wait until that other user has finished editing to avoid overwriting each others' changes.

                                              The entry will be unlocked when the editing user saves or cancels their edit, or leaves the page without saving. Ragic allows a user to manually unlock the lock that another user has created, in case the editing user cannot be found, and that there is an urgency to edit this entry. But in this scenario, the users must understand the risk of overwriting each other's edits, as the system will only save the changes of the last edit.

                                              13    How do I add my team members to my database?

                                              Manage your users from your Account Setup. Access the user management menu through the Start tab, or on the right side of your account homepage.

                                              Choose Manage Users, which will show a list of all the users in your account.

                                              You can add a new user by clicking on the +New button and enter their user information.

                                              When the user information is saved, Ragic will automatically send an e-mail to the new user containing their temporary password to log in to the system. The user can then change their password when they log on to Ragic.

                                              14    Can some fields be visible only for certain groups of users?

                                              Yes. To do this you will need to create multiple versions for your sheet, because in this type of use, the sheets usually look different for different groups of users.

                                              To create two versions of the same sheet, first right click on the sheet, or click on the little arrow when you hover on a sheet, and choose "Duplicate Sheet". (You can also access this option from the Sheet Linking Tools. Ragic will create two sheets of the same name, fields, and everything. These two sheets point to the same set of entries in the database; when you enter a new entry in one, it will also appear in the other. All edits and deletions will also be on both sheets.

                                              You can change the access right for these two sheets, you can set up one sheet visible to one group, and the other sheet only visible to the other group of users.

                                              You can go to Change Design for both sheets, and add and remove the fields that were intended for different groups of users, which will let different groups of users see different versions of the same sheet.

                                              For more Information, please check out our document on how to create multiple versions of a form.

                                              15    Can I set entries to be viewed or edited only by certain users?

                                              Yes, By setting up different users to play different roles in each sheets. If a user's role is Survey User, he can only see the entries that he is the owner of, and if a user's role is Bulletin User, he can see all the entries, but can only edit the entries that he is owner of.

                                              By default, a user is owner to only entries that he created, but by changing the input type for one of the fields in the form to Select User or Select Group and choose Set selected user as entry owner, owner of the entry can be added as the entry is created or edited. You can also change the owner of a field to a group, this way all the users in the group will be able to see or edit the entry as the privilege is assigned to them when this field is set.

                                              Please check our documentation on access rights for more information.

                                              16    I have a lot of users outside my company that use our DB once in a while, how can I save on user licenses?

                                              There are some alternatives to handling a large number of external users.

                                              1. Public sheets: You can set up the sheet so that everybody can access it without logging in with a Ragic account. If your application does not require access right management by users, you can simply set the access right from Everyone to Survey User so everyone can fill it out. Or to Bulletin Users so that everyone can not only fill it out, but also see other people's entry.

                                              If the user needs to log back in the system later and look at the latest status of their entry or provide updates, take a look at the next approach "E-mail Id".

                                              2. E-mail Id: Ragic has a convenient way of giving a user temporary log in without him having an account on Ragic. It can be done by setting an E-mail Id. attribute. When this attribute is set to a field in the form, user will need to put down his e-mail in this field. As the form is saved, Ragic will automatically send an e-mail to this e-mail address. This e-mail will contain a link that can authenticate that the user is the owner of this e-mail as he use the link to log in Ragic.

                                              Now Ragic knows who this user is, even though he has no Ragic account. Ragic can determine which records that he can see and which records he can edit. This is usually used so that the user can see changes or edit the entry that he created.

                                              The shortcoming of this approach is that (1) the user will always need that e-mail to log in, (2) users cannot be managed in groups, therefore cannot assign different privileges to them through Ragic's standard groups and role.

                                              3. Volume Licensing: While Ragic is not a costly solution, but if the number of user license needed is large, it can seem pretty expensive. Ragic understands this and have volume license and site licenses for you to choose from. Please contact "sales@ragic.com" and describe your license use, so we can assist you on choosing the best plan for your organization.

                                              17    What's the difference between Lite and Professional version?

                                              1. The Lite version has a limit of 5 Ragic sheets whereas the professional version has no such limit. A Ragic sheet refers to one type of form for users to enter data. If you have a customer information sheet containing data on 100 clients, it would still only be counted as 1 sheet, since the forms can have unlimited entries.

                                              2. The Lite version does not support server-side Javascript customization. In the professional version, all forms can trigger our server-side Javascript scripting engine to execute complex business logic. Basically any business logic that you would like to execute, but cannot be covered by Ragic's existing functions, can be covered by server-side scripting.

                                              3. You can only have one system administrator that can access the design and backend in the Lite version while the professional version has no limit.

                                              For more information, see our pricing page, or contact sales@ragic.com.

                                              18    How do I upgrade or start my subscription?

                                              About starting subscription, please refer to this page.

                                              19    Can I change my plan?

                                              Yes, you can change your plan anytime you want from your Account Setup page under Account Billing.

                                              20    What is upload storage? And What happens if I reach storage limit?

                                              What is upload storage

                                              In Ragic's paid plan, there is no limit to the storage of the data itself. However, in many situations, users may utilize file upload fields, image upload fields, or attachments in comments to store files related to the record, such as uploading invoices, product images, and attached files. These methods contribute to the upload storage.

                                              Please refer to the following image for the upload storage provided in each plan:

                                              The upload storage is shared among all users. For example, if you subscribe to a Professional plan for 5 users, the storage space for the database would be 30 GB x 5 = 150 GB altogether.

                                              On the Backup and Restore page, you can see the current usage of upload storage.

                                              What happens if I reach storage limit

                                              Most of our limits are "soft limits", meaning that your application will not stop functioning when the limit is reached. We will simply notify you that you must upgrade your account or increase the number of user licenses to accommodate your current usage.

                                              21    What does Ragic mean?

                                              Ragic is pronounced like magic, and the word Ragic was merged from rapid and magic.

                                              22    Translating Ragic into your Own Language

                                              Ragic is offered in English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. While you can design your apps in any language you want, Ragic gives you the opportunity to translate the user interface into your own language so that it would be easier for your users to navigate.

                                              To translate Ragic into your own language, navigate to Start Tab > Account Setup > UI Translations

                                              Pick the language you would like to translate Ragic into under Language to translate. The UI Sections are the sections to translate.

                                              You'll see the names of the classes Ragic uses to identify where your text goes in blue. Do not edit this blue text.

                                              The green text is where you'll be editing into the language you are translating to. After editing the text, click Save above the translation window.

                                              After you're done with a few sections, you'll start noticing that your saved translations are automatically being displayed in the Ragic menus where your UI sections were pointed at.

                                              You can keep translating to your own language. Users in your account will be able to see these translations and interact with Ragic in the language you're translating to.

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