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Excel Import enhancements Icon
Excel Import enhancements
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2012/2/7
1. Ragic will now try to automatically determine the default mapping of your Excel sheet by using the header names to guess which field that it...
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Instant DB server backend for mobile developers Icon
Instant DB server backend for mobile developers
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2012/2/6
Summary: Mobile developers can use Ragic as the server backend of their apps. Ragic provides a simple HTTP API for every form you created on...
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Search in your Ragic application Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2012/1/28
Databases are made for searching. What’s the point of putting your data in a database if you can’t find your data efficiently? Ragic provides two...
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Embedding Ragic forms in your web site or blog Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2012/1/18
Whether it's an online order form, or a service ticket request, a lot of time you would like to embed a Ragic form in your website. This is extremely...
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Mass e-mail and SMS on Ragic Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2012/1/12
Summary: Go to the listing page of your customers, filter the ones that you would like to e-mail, and choose “e-mail filtered” from the “more action”...
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Ragic HTTP API now supports full text search Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2012/1/9
If you use the full text search API a lot, you can use them in your custom applications integrating Ragic. Just add the query string parameter fts=,...
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Download and restore database definitions, URL tricks Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2012/1/5
1. When your database gets really big, it takes longer and longer to use the account backup feature to backup the whole database. But sometimes you...
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Clone Entry Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/12/28
Cloning entry is here! Now if you want to create a new entry much similar to an older entry, you go to that entry, click on "More" and click...
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Prettier Excel download, HTML download Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/12/16
Our Excel download was plain, simple. But it doesn't reflect the form descriptions, number format, date format, row and column heights that you set...
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Update for Ragic private servers : Root redirection, simple server initialisation process Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/11/15
1. Added the configuration "ROOT_REDIRECT" to the file. You can set any URL path on the Ragic private server here, and when user...
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Full text search, e-mail notification rules enhancements Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/10/29
1. We've modified the e-mail notification rule so that for all users that edited the entry, or commented on the entry, will be receiving...
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Addons for custom reports and forms Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/10/20
You can now add any URL to the left sidebar like a Ragic sheet. The URL will be loaded as an iframe at the right area. This feature is great for...
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Ragic on your mobile device! Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/9/15
Ragic has always kind of supported mobile devices, because we're an online application and basically Web. But spreadsheet is not a really friendly UI...
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Account XML config, Global workflow Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/8/2
1. You can modify your account config XML file from [Account Tab] => [Account Setting]. We include an online XML editor for you to edit this config...
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JSONP support for Ragic HTTP API Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/7/28
We've added support for JSONP in our Ragic HTTP API. Just use the parameter callback=, and you can execute cross domain AJAX requests to...
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Ragic Solution Store Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/7/26
Check out our Ragic Solution Store. You can now install prebuilt Ragic applications to your account with a single click. Visit our Ragic Solution...
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Ragic new RESTful HTTP API v2 online! Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/6/27
Ragic's new RESTful HTTP API is online! We won't go into details on the API, you can simply go to Support Center to check out the API documents and...
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Ragic on Chinese Engadget! Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/6/2 This article is one article in a series of posts on tech...
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Static content on Google Application Engine CDN Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/5/26
Hey this is pretty cool to us too. You can use Google Application Engine as a cheap CDN?! It's actually pretty simple, just upload your static...
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Partner Center : Create trial accounts for your clients Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/5/5
We've created a new partner center for our Ragic partners. It's just opened and not with a lot of functions. But the most important function is here:...
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