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Inviting Team Members & Setting Access Rights

5 mins

What Will You Learn?

  • Adding New Users
  • Creating New Groups
  • Setting Access Rights

Invite team members and set up access rights

Key Concepts

Adding Users: The first member in your organization who signed up for Ragic can invite other team members by adding their emails. The system will then send invitation emails to their mailboxes and help them set up their own accounts and passwords. After completing the process, your users will be able to log in to your database with their own username (email address) and passwords. For more detailed information, please refer to this document

Groups: A user can be assigned to one or more groups, and his/her access rights will depend on which group he/she belongs to. "SYSAdmin" is the group with the highest level of accessibility and can modify any record or any sheet's design. A database account can have multiple "SYSAdmin" users.

Access Rights: You can decide which user groups are able to access which sheets in the access rights settings. There are five different types of access rights. for detailed information please refer to this article

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