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Let users fill out the form or open the entry by scanning the QR code

Fill Out Form by Scanning QR Code

If you have designed an online questionnaire or an online event registration form using Ragic and wish for respondents to access the form by scanning a QR Code. After completing the form design, go to the Tools on the list page. Click on Share this sheet. After selecting the way you want to share this sheet, download the QR Code and provide it to others for them to open the form by scanning it with their mobile phone cameras.

Note: It is necessary to grant the corresponding access rights to respondents. If you intend to allow users without Ragic accounts to fill out the form, set the "EVERYONE" group as "Survey User".

Open the Entry by Scanning QR Code

Solution1: Open the record for viewing only, without the ability to edit.

Add an Action Barcode Field and select View This Data in the sheet.

After scanning, you can open the corresponding record.

Set proper access right to the sheet in the global access rights panel based on your use case. For example, if you want to let any users, with or without a Ragic account, view the entries, please grant the "EVERYONE" user group with "Viewer" access right.

Solution2: Open the record and determine whether editing is allowed based on access rights

Add an Auto Generate Field, setting the format as Record URL and checking Barcode

Retrieve the corresponding barcode for the record, scanning it allows you to open the record. If this field is added after the record is already present, remember to execute populating empty values to get the QR code.

Set proper access right to the sheet in the global access rights panel based on your use case.

Solution3: Share an Entry's QR Code through Ragic App

If you have installed Ragic app and only need to share a single entry with someone, there is a more convenient method. Simply open the app, access the entry, click on the QR Code icon at the top, and a QR Code ready for direct sharing will appear. Click "Share" and send it to the recipient.

Note: You can also generate the label with lable maker. Once labels printed, you can attach them to your products or equipment. Users will be able to view the detailed information by scanning the QR code.

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