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How to Modify Templates

When using Ragic templates, it is important to keep in mind that template design modification is only available in Professional plan or above. This applies to both free trial period and paid subscription.

Note: If your account is downgraded from Professional to Lite or Free plan because you have passed the free trial period or discontinue your subscription, the free templates you have installed will be reverted to its original design.


Modify the template design

On the form page of the template, click Change Design.

Add、delete or modify fields

You can create a new field by clicking on any blank cell and typing the field name.

To delete fields, right-click > delete or press Backspace or Delete button on your keyboard. Please note that a warning message will pop up if you delete fields referred by a formula.

In addition, if a field is linked to other sheets, it can only be deleted after the link is removed.

To change field name, go to the left panel under on the design mode.

Field type can also be changed in the left panel of the design mode. However, changing field type may affect the saved field value and formula calculation. For example, changing Free Text Field to Numeric Field will clear out the field values; and changing Numeric Field to Free Text Field may affect its numeric calculation.

Modify linking relationships between sheets

Please note that modifying relationships between sheets which are linked through Link & Load, Multiple Versions, New Sheet from Subtable and Show References from Existing Sheets will change the original structure of the template. For more information on Ragic linking tools, please refer to this page.

Modify custom action button settings

Please note that modifying custom action buttons Convert Records, Update Values, Update Value On Another Sheet and Send Custom E-mail will affect the original function of the template. For more information on custom action buttons, please refer to this page.

Note:Currently, template sheets cannnot be rearranged or moved to other tabs.

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