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Employee Training Management

Before You Start: Register Your Own Ragic Database

For those of you don't have Ragic account, register now with the template. Ragic will not charge you for anything without your permission, so there's no need to worry.

If you have an account already, please download the "Employee Training Management" template from the install templates under the "HR" section.

Basic Information

Training Courses

In the "Training Courses" sheet, please create an entry for each course session. In the "Repeat?" field, indicate whether the course is recurring or not. If it is, specify the cycle duration in days in the "Frequency" field. For instance, input "365" for an annual course. Subsequently, the system will compute the "Next Course Date" field.

Employee Training Record

The sheet is a multiple version of the "Employee Management" and "Phone Book" sheets.

If you've installed those versions and entered employee information before, the data will sync automatically. If no other versions have been installed, please create an entry for each employee who will be participating in the courses.

In the "Training Log" subtable, it will list all courses that the employee needs to attend. There are condition formatting set up as below:

1. Courses that have been completed will not display any background color.

2. Courses that have not been completed yet but are within the deadline will display a green background.

3. Courses that have not been completed and are overdue will display a red background.

You may also set a default view so the subtable only displays incomplete courses.

Adding Training Log

To add a single training log for a specific employee, you can navigate to the corresponding "Employee Training Record" entry and click on the "Course ID" subtable field. The system will then display a popup window with selectable courses. This popup window incorporates dynamic filtering, showing only courses that belong to the department of the employee. The determination is based on whether the "Applicable for" field in the "Training Courses" entry contains the department of the employee.

Note: If new options are added to the "Department" field in the "Employee Training Record" sheet, please remember to add those options to the "Applicable for" field in the "Training Courses" sheet as well!

Multiple Courses for an Employee

For example, if you wish to create all logs of basic training for "Lou Solverson", please:

Step 1. On the "Training Courses" sheet, filter out basic courses via left sidebar and save it as a shared view.

Step 2. In the "Training Log" sheet, use mass create to generate multiple entries at once:

The "Course ID" and "Employee ID" fields are required fields. You may add other fields such as "End Time" field if necessary.

Multiple employees for a Course

For example, if you wish to add the "Cyber Security Phishing Awareness" course to all employees, please:

Step 1. On the "Training Log" sheet, use mass create to generate multiple entries based on the employee ID:

The "Employee ID", "Course ID", and "Start Time" fields are required fields. You may add other fields such as "End Time" field if necessary.

Course Log

At the bottom of the "Training Log" sheet, there is a section titled "Course Log." This section is designated for recording class attendance, providing feedback, or uploading related documents such as paper-based assessments:

If employees are not users in the database, you may send a temporary link to them via send mass e-mail. Then, they’ll be able to edit entries or upload files within a designated time frame:

How to check in?

Each "Training Log" entry has its unique "Check In QR Code" value. You can send the QR code to participants via "Send Mass Email" before the course:

When the course starts, scanning the QR code will display the course name and a "Course Check In" button:

Upon pressing the button, the system will generate an entry in the "Course Check-In" sheet and update the "Check-In Time" field in the corresponding entry of the "Training Log" sheet.

Apart from scanning QR codes, users can also click on the "Course Check In" action button located to the right of each entry's QR code to execute check-in. If you wish to check in for multiple employees, please filter entries on the list page and use the "Batch Execute" to run the "Course Check In" action button.

How to complete the course?

When a course is completed, please execute the "Pass" action button located at the bottom right corner of the sheet. To update the "Pass" field for multiple entries at once, you can filter the entries on the list page and use the "Batch Execute" to run the "Pass" action button:

Advanced Settings

This section will outline workarounds to frequently asked questions, listed separately as they may not be suitable for every company. Users not on the professional plan should be aware that modifying the design of template sheets will turn them into customized sheets and might affect your subscription plan.

Share Training Record with Employees

If all employees are internal users, you can fill in the "User Account" field with proper values in the "Employee Training Record" sheet. Then, grant the user group with the "Survey User" access rights level in the global access rights panel. After logging in, employees will be able to view their own data.

If employees are not internal users, please configure the guest user attribute to the "Email" field to grant them access rights. Please note that this approach is applicable only when employees are not internal users.

Course Reminder

If you wish to schedule recurring course in advance, you can set up reminders based on the "Next Course Date" field in the "Training Courses" sheet:

Any suggestions for the Employee Training Management template? Shoot us an email at support@ragic.com! We'd love to hear from you.

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