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Meal Planning: Plan ahead and get your shopping list with a click!

Before You Star: Register Your Ragic Database

For those of you don't have Ragic account, register now with the template. Ragic will not charge you for anything without your permission, so there's no need to worry.

If you have an account already, please download the "Meal Planning" template from the install templates.

Sheets In The Template


In the "Ingredients" sheet, please create entries for any ingredient that will be used in recipes and select proper unit of measurement. If an ingredient will have different types of unit of measurement, please create entries for each type.


In the "Recipes" sheet, please create entries for the recipes you collected and mark the servings. Then, input the required"Ingredients" and "Quantity" in the subtable.

Note: field with * is a mandatory field while others are optional.

You may also input the instruction and cooking notes if necessary.

Meal Planning

In the "Meal Planning" sheet, please enter basic info such as start date, end date, and event. Then, select the recipes and quantity in the subtable. The system will calculate the final servings for you. Once completed, please click on the "Get me the shopping list!" action button at the lower right corner to have a consolidated shopping list:


1. If you updated the recipes or quantity, please re-click on the action button to update the shopping list.

2. Once the shopping list is generated, you can add more lines if there are extra groceries you would like to purchase.

3. We now support consolidating the ingredients with one event entry. Hence, we would suggest planning multiple dates or events within one entry.

Shopping List

You can manage the shopping list from the subtable under the "Meal Planning" sheet or access it from the "Shopping List" sheet. In the "Shopping List" sheet, we've applied a default views so it only shows items need to be purchased. Once you get them, please check the "Get" field:

Advanced Tips

Ragic App

It's unrealistic to have a shopping list that can only access via a computer, right? No worries, we provide Ragic App on the Android/iOS store so that you'll be able to access it anytime, anywhere.

Share shopping list with others

If you're not the only one who will do the grocery shopping, you can share this entry or share the entire sheet to your family or friends.

Any suggestions to the meal planning template? Feel free to contact us at support@ragic.com!

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