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Goods Issue & Goods Receipt (Update Value on Another Sheet)

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What Will Your Learn?

  • Creating an Update Value on Another Sheet Button

If you want to update field values in sheet A's records according to the values in a record from sheet B, you can use this action button. There are two common use cases in the following:

(1) In merchandising business, you may modify the "Inventory Field" in "Products List" according to the "Outgoing Quantity Field" in "Delivery Note".

(2) When handling accounts payable, you may update the "Payment Status Field" in "Purchase Order" according to the "Payment Status Field" in "Material Bill"

Creating an Update Value on Another Sheet Button

In the example, we want to modify the "Total Qty Field" in another sheet "Inventory" according to the "Qty Field" in "Outgoing Stock".

Navigate to the Design Mode on your form page, and click Form Tools. You'll see Update Value on Another Sheet.

Choose the sheet to be updated from the pop out window. You will be able to configure the conditions for ways to update "Inventory" records as explained further below:

After completing the settings, you can click the button to update inventory. Besides, there will also be a reverse button available for you to use in case a accidentally executed the button incorrectly.

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