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Using Ragic Formulas

6 mins

What Will You Learn?

  • Usage of Ragic Formulas
  • Formulas in Strings
  • Conditional Formulas

Usage of Formulas

Formulas in Ragic work similarly to those used in other spreadsheet applications (such as Excel). However, in Ragic, we reference fields by their field headers. Formulas can be used to calculate not only numbers but also text strings and dates. Ragic will try to automatically determine what type of formula is needed, but it's best to specify the Field Type (such as Number or Date) to ensure accuracy.

To assign a formula to a field header from your Form Page, navigate to the Design Mode and select the field header. Go to the Field Settings on the left and enter your formula into the Formula tab. For example, if we want to calculate "Subtotal(G19)", the formula should be E19*F19(Unit Price x Qty).


Formulas in Strings

If "Inventory No." equals "Location Code-Product No.", you can assign the string formula in "Inventory No." as A9+'-'+A2


Conditional Formulas

Ragic supports the use of conditional formulas.

If you would like to make "Payment Status" automatically update its value as "Yes", when "Invoice Total" equals "Amount Received", otherwise update its value as "No". You may apply the conditional formula as IF(A22.RAW=A21.RAW, 'Yes', 'No')


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