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Other GET parameters

There are several other useful parameters that you can apply to your HTTP GET request to change the content of the response:

Parameter NameDescription
subtablesSpecifying subtables=0 tells Ragic API to not include subtable information in the response.
listingSpecifying listing=true tells Ragic API to only include fields in the listing page.
infoAdding the info=true parameter will add "Create Date", "Create User" information to the response
nodeIdWhen nodeId=true is added, the response will not contain the field values, but contain the field value identifier "node id". This is for advanced Ragic developers only.
ignoreMaskWhen ignoreMask is given, the field value of "Masked text" will be unmasked if you are in the viewable groups. Click here for more information about "Masked text" field.

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<< Field NamingTable of ContentsRetrieving uploaded files and images >>
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