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Case Studies
What is Ragic
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Interactive Tutorial

By Jeff Kuo

For a really long time, the biggest problem with Ragic is that it's really hard to teach someone how to develop with Ragic without a short face to face training. Even though the concept is really simple, but often it still requires some guidance in order for user to get this simple concept. We've always though, if only there's a way that we can guide users through building a simple application, then they must have a much better grasp of Ragic development.

Videos? Very few people would take the time to look at the video from start to finish, especially the video will need to be at least 10 minutes. Training documents? Did I just say that people don't even watch videos?

Then came along a new idea, why don't we use our great programming skills and create a program that guides users through the each steps of Ragic development. This way if the user follows the interactive tutorial step by step, he will definitely know how to build simple Ragic applications. It's just like having one of our consultants taking your through each steps of development personally.

We're really excited about this new form of training, try it out and let us know what you think!

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