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ERP Nightmare 03: The Unbearable Cost of Customization

By Gina Tsao

A few years ago, Eddie started his own small brand. In the beginning, he didn’t have many resources, so he used Excel to manage his company’s data. Time flew by, Eddie’s brand developed gradually, so as the company’s Excel files. Now, the Excel sheets were too massive for Eddie and his employees to edit, nor managing the company’s business. In order to solve the problem and improve efficiency, Eddie decided to purchase an ERP system. But what he didn’t expect was that being willing to pay was not enough, the main question was how much you can afford an ERP system.

It was frustrating for Eddie when he found out that most of the database solutions he looked for were designed for large enterprises. Although some of the solutions offered basic versions at affordable prices, Eddie felt that those basic system solutions were too simple to manage his growing business.

“How about the customized plan?” The salesman suggested, “We can customize the system based on your special needs.”

It gave Eddie a glimmer of hope, but it soon vanished when he heard the cost was far over his budget.

What would you do if you were Eddie? Keep using Excel spreadsheets or buy an ERP system reluctantly?

Luckily, if you were Eddie, you could choose the third option— Ragic!

Ragic is well-known for its powerful and flexible design which allows users to customize their database or build an ERP system on their own. In Ragic, users can change the design of spreadsheets anytime without any extra charges or assistance. If you already have an ERP or CRM system, it’s also common to use Ragic as add-ons.

Have your database within budget is never a dream. Get a free 30 days trial of Ragic today and switch to other pricing plans whenever you need it.

Want to know further about Ragic's pricing plans?

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