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ERP Nightmare 2: The Horror of Unfitting Tools

By Gina Tsao

What do an ERP system and a suit have in common?

The answer is: the custom one is usually better than the off-the-rack product. Moreover, the cost could be amazingly high if you want to order a custom ERP system or suit.

However, there is a big difference between purchasing an off-the-rack suit and an ERP software package. An off-the-rack suit may be wearable even if it is not well-fitted, but an ERP software package could be a large burden for companies in many ways; it can be too complicated to learn, too costly for system maintenance, or have too many inessential fields or processes that your company doesn’t need at all.

Everything comes with a price, especially good things. It would be wonderful to always use the best products on any occasion. Unfortunately, it is not how life works when it comes to budget control. Despite that a company may decide to invest in building its own system completely from scratch, it often fails because the development requires plenty of money and time.

So, here comes another question: is it possible to build a custom ERP system easily and inexpensively? The answer is—definitely YES! Ragic’s flexible and extraordinary database structure allows users to design their own ideal databases without any codes. You can simply change the design of your database just like editing an Excel spreadsheet. And through downloading and editing Ragic’s various templates, it is much easier to build an ERP system totally based on your needs.

Life is full of tough choices, perhaps a tailored suit may never into some people’s closets. But for choosing an ERP system, this time, you can have the best.

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