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Making your Dropbox work for work
Trusted by organizations of all sizes around the world.
Ragic customer list
Trusted by organizations of all sizes around the world.
Ragic customer list

Managing documents in organizations is chaotic, and Dropbox doesn't cut it

I'll e-mail you the files.
Your co-workers never heard of Dropbox.
That's confidential!
There is no way to enforce fine-grain access control.
It was here somewhere...
Can't find the file unless you remember the file name.
Dropbox is for syncing files,
not managing documents.
Centralized data, flexible sharing.
Your most current policies & forms
on a single URL.
Knowledge base for your coworkers,
customers, and partners.
A place for proposals, agreements, and contracts
that are under negotiation.
Collaborative editing with controlled access,
and conversations outside the document.
Everything you love about Dropbox, plus:
Works without Dropbox.
Whether others have Dropbox or not,
give access to your files on Dropbox through RagicDocs.
Controlled Sharing
You decide on who can view, edit, or upload documents in your database.
Search & Query
The confidence of instantly finding the data you are looking for,
just start typing and get related keywords inside your documents.
Customize everything from searchable labels, categories, status,
and special information to fit your business process.
No more hard to follow e-mail discussions. Enable conversation with a
comment thread for each document.
Save everyone some time spent running around with documents using the automated one-click approval system.
Your team will never miss out on the latest updates to your documents
with e-mail and on-screen reminders and notifications.
Keep track of how your documents are created and updated, with no extra work.
The precise version history does your record-keeping for you.
Give RagicDocs a try - it's free!
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