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Creating Online Forms for Your Business Icon
Creating Online Forms for Your Business
By Berrin Sun posted on 2017/11/02
Filling out online forms is pretty straightforward for most of us out there. We usually just enter values like our First Name and E-mail address...
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Quick Data Entry Tips: Checkbox ✔️✔️✔️ Icon
Quick Data Entry Tips: Checkbox ✔️✔️✔️
By Berrin Sun posted on 2017/09/29
This tip stems from a new implementation in Ragic. All it takes is one click from you while editing a record, and the field value changes! The...
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Using the Pomodoro Technique for Time Management Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2017/08/07
One of the most important thing I learned during my work life so far is that it's actually important to take breaks. Paul, my internship...
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Running a Customer Support Portal for Your Business Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2017/07/31
Running a support portal in a smaller company means that you might not have access to assign an entire customer support team to serve your clients,...
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Quick Data Entry Tips: Better Form Design Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2017/06/16
Your form design for your database sheet affects the amount of time you spend filling them; don't forget that designing your form in the most...
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6 Tips on Getting Your Point Across to Customer Support Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2017/05/24
Troubleshooting issues to customer support might sound straightforward enough, but as part of a team who assists support, I've come across vague...
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Using Ragic with Google Sheets Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2017/05/18
You can share the links you have generated with the Publish to the Web tool directly to allow others to download data in different formats. You...
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Quick Data Entry Tips: Populating values with formulas Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2017/04/25
Quick data entry is mostly achieved by automating your tasks, so that you can spend more time working on your business instead of doing data entry....
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Quick Data Entry Tips: Traffic light status indicator Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2017/04/14
If you're trying to display from a set of images that will change according to a certain value in a selection field, the easiest way is to use an...
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Quick Data Entry Tips: Entering data into linked fields Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2017/03/31
Entering data into your Ragic fields are not particularly challenging, but here are some quick tips and tricks on reducing the time you take for data...
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Finding the best HR software for your company Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2016/05/20
Whether you're using HR software for internal purposes to keep track of your employees performances, or external purposes for hiring and talent...
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Using CRM not working for your coworkers? Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2016/04/18
You're in for some frustration if the elaborate CRM system you chose or paid to be built isn't actually quite doing what you were envisioning. The...
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Managing business travel expenses Icon
By Dorrit Kang posted on 2015/02/10
It is inevitable to visit clients in person or attend at least a few business meetings for every employee in your company. As a result of the...
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Ragic is now on your favorite calendar app! Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2014/07/28
Calendar integration has been one of the most anticipated features on Ragic, and we are proud to say that it's finally here. With our new...
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6 super useful tools to read and write like a boss Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2014/07/17
You don't have to be a copywriter or an author nowadays to write an overwhelming amount of content and read even more each day. Whether you are an...
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New tutorial videos in Ragic! Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2014/07/08
We have recently renewed the tutorial videos in Ragic, with more to come! If you are new to designing database applications in Ragic, checking out...
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Excel: still not a database. Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2014/07/02
The reason Excel still holds the throne as most popular "database" is simply because it's simple. Yes, writing things in tables is the easiest way...
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8 Pro-tips for creating beautiful looking database sheets with Ragic  Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2014/06/25
With my interactive graphic design background, I love how versatile Ragic is while designing database sheets. Here are some pro-tips to check out for...
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Introducing RagicDocs: Making your Dropbox work for work. Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2014/06/20
We've just made document management on Ragic easier with our new application RagicDocs. The only thing you'll have to do is to link one of your...
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Ragic Shortcode Plugin Available on Icon
By Berrin Sun posted on 2014/04/24
If you use wordpress and want to embed your forms or listing pages from your database, you're in luck! The Ragic shortcode plugin is now available on...
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Excel is the world's most popular data management tool.
But it gets ugly really fast because Excel is not designed for data management.
Ragic makes building powerful online databases as simple as Excel.
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