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Data management that actually works
Ragic customer list: Diageo, Ogilvy, Chunghwa Telecom, First financial bank

Enterprise IT systems are extremely frustrating...

Over 90% of enterprise IT projects are delivered late.
Over 40% of planned IT Projects end up failing or unused.
Way too big
Complex software means more maintenance.
We want to change this.
By putting the power of data back to the people running the business, we believe we will make good data management a commodity to organizations of all sizes.
Build a database like editing spreadsheets.
Ragic makes building cloud databases as easy as editing a spreadsheet form.
Just enter names of fields that you would like to keep track of, and Ragic handles the rest for you.
Your database comes with these powerful features without a line of code:
Search & Query
The confidence of instantly finding the data you are looking for.
Controlled Access
You decide on who can view, edit, or create entries in your database.
Crystal-clear visualization of your data with auto-generated reports and dashboards.
Works with Excel
Ready to use database from your existing spreadsheets, without hassle.
No spreadsheets? No problem. You can build your database from scratch too.
Save everyone some time spent running around with documents using the automated one-click approval system.
Your team will never miss out on the latest updates to your database with e-mail and on-screen reminders and notifications.
Track all the dates in the database with your favorite calendar application.
Keep track of every tiny change in your business, with no extra work. The precise version history does your record-keeping for you.
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