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Using CRM not working for your coworkers? Icon
Using CRM not working for your coworkers?
You're in for some frustration if the elaborate CRM system you chose or paid to be built isn't actually quite doing what you were envisioning. The...
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Managing business travel expenses Icon
Managing business travel expenses
It is inevitable to visit clients in person or attend at least a few business meetings for every employee in your company. As a result of the...
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Ragic is now on your favorite calendar app! Icon
Calendar integration has been one of the most anticipated features on Ragic, and we are proud to say that it's finally here. With our new...
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6 super useful tools to read and write like a boss Icon
You don't have to be a copywriter or an author nowadays to write an overwhelming amount of content and read even more each day. Whether you are an...
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New tutorial videos in Ragic! Icon
We have recently renewed the tutorial videos in Ragic, with more to come! If you are new...
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Excel: still not a database. Icon
The reason Excel still holds the throne as most popular "database" is simply because it's simple.
Yes, writing things in tables is the easiest...
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8 Pro-tips for creating beautiful looking database sheets with Ragic  Icon
With my interactive graphic design background, I love how versatile Ragic is while designing database sheets. Here are some pro-tips to check out for...
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Introducing RagicDocs: Making your Dropbox work for work. Icon
We've just made document management on Ragic easier with our new application RagicDocs. The only thing you'll have to do is to link one of your...
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Ragic Shortcode Plugin Available on Icon
If you use wordpress and want to embed your forms or listing pages from your database, you're in luck! The Ragic shortcode plugin is now available on...
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Ragic App Library Icon
You may have noticed that we have a new application library in Ragic, where you can install from a wide variety of professionally designed database...
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Comments for Ragic Blog Icon
Disqus comments are added to our blog system. Now you are free to add comments to any of our blog posts. We've thought about keeping our "eat your...
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Template application Ragic Pet Store will be installed to new registrations Icon
Newly created accounts will now contain a "Ragic Pet Store" application inside your account when it's first registered, to give new users an idea of...
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New BBCode and Google Map supports in cell content Icon
HTML does not work on Ragic fields because of security concerns. But sometimes it's nice to add colors, images, or widgets to the form to make them...
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Getting Started tab for application designers Icon
New tab "Getting Started" added to your top navigation bar. It's designed to assist all Ragic developers to get started on building Ragic...
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System Query Icon
Personal query is one function that has been around for quite a long time, but only used by more experienced users. If you query for the same filter...
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Date picker Icon
Date fields now have a date picker available when users click on the cell. We probably should have added this long time ago but we chose not to...
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Evernote Integration Icon
If you are a heavy Evernote user, you're in luck. Ragic now supports data sync from Ragic to Evernote. You can choose "Evernote Integration" from the...
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Interactive Tutorial Icon
For a really long time, the biggest problem with Ragic is that it's really hard to teach someone how to develop with Ragic without a short face to...
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New Ragic setup application to configure your Ragic account to replace config.xml Icon
One decision that we've made in the early days of Ragic is that since we believe Ragic is the best way to develop database applications, then we...
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Keeping business data on Excel is not only a big productivity drain, it's error prone and provides no adequate trail of audit. As your team grows, managing data with spreadsheets become increasingly painful.
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