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Ragic server timezone Icon
Ragic server timezone
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/3/28
Ragic server is always started using the UTC timezone. By assuming the server time is in UTC, Ragic will use Javascript to determine the user's...
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Remember to commit your BDBWorker! Icon
Remember to commit your BDBWorker!
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/3/23
If you are develop Java programs accessing the Java API of Ragic. I'm sure you've heard us reminding you that you must use this construct to make...
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Saved Personal Filter on Ragic v5 Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/3/1
If you use the filter function on a daily basis, you may be doing the same search everyday. Such as searching for high priority open tickets, or lead...
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Full Text Search on Ragic v5 Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/2/17
One of the best features in Ragic v5 is the full text search engine, as some of you have experienced in the beta. Simply enter a keyword and you can...
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Ragic is on Tech Republic! Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/2/10
Review: Ragic cloud collaboration tool Takeaway: Ragic allows non-programmer users to bring the ease-of-use of a spreadsheet to an online...
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Ragic v5.0 will be online by the end of 2011Q1 Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/1/28
We're working really hard on the new version of Ragic: Ragic v5.0. It will contain a very different UI interface, and tons of new features. If you're...
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Javascript data types vs. Java data types Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/1/24
One of the most common problem Ragic developers encounter is the difference between Javascript data types and Java data types in workflow programs....
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New Javascript workflow engine default objects Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/1/21
We've added a few Javascript workflow default objects for Ragic developers to use when developing workflow programs. You can access them using the...
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Pop up selection option value picker for linked fields Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/1/10
The selector works very well in most cases if you know what the value that you want to choose, or knows the letters that it starts with. But there...
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Ragic Builder selected as
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2011/1/5
Thanks to eWeek magazine! If you have a chance, pick up the next issue of eWeek magazine to see reports on Ragic!
Big Excel file import issue resolution Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2010/12/31
We've received reports on that there's some problem with importing big Excel files containing 100K+ entries. The issue have been resolved, and you...
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Auto complete list of value selectors enhancements Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2010/12/30
We've made some fundamental changes to our auto complete list of value selectors. The selector option values are no longer stored in the database,...
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New Ragic reference documents online Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2010/12/23
Thanks to the great tool of Docbook we've created our new version of documentation. It covers from the basic usage of Ragic applications to basic and...
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Explain Ragic in 5 minutes Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2010/12/15 A lot of people are kind of confused about what Ragic do when...
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Amazon EC2 machine images for Ragic Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2010/12/14
If you need an AMI image (Amazon EC2 machine image) to start your own Ragic private server, please contact We have prepared...
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Mouse copy paste, CSV download, Backup and restore to different account Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2010/12/6
1. We have supported the copy and paste function with keyboard hot keys ctrl-c, ctrl-v, and ctrl-x. But we've found that a lot of our users are more...
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Formula enhancements Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2010/12/1
Our formula will now fully support javascript. You can add all types of Javascript constructs to our formula. After the execution of your Javascript...
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Auto reload, recalculate formula, Change password, Excel import Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2010/11/18
1. The form will reload it's data through AJAX every 10 minutes to retrieve updates to the current form. 2. The formulas will be automatically...
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Formula, Color picker, E-mail address Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2010/11/12
1. When you enter an e-mail in a cell, it will become a mailto: e-mail link automatically. 2. When you drag the width or height of a column or...
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Multiple Cell Copy and Paste Icon
By Jeff Kuo posted on 2010/05/23
Updated on 2018/06/21: We're sorry to inform that the function is currently disabled since the system cannot recognize and map to target fields...
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