API 开发指南

API Request Error Response

If the request returned in error, it will look something like this:


"status": "ERROR",

"code": 303,

"msg": "Your account has expired."


Here is a list of the HTTP status code that might be returned on a Ragic request:

HTTP StatusDescription
200OK - Everything worked as expected.
400Bad Request - Often missing a required parameter.
401Unauthorized - No valid API key provided.
402Request Failed - Parameters were valid but request failed.
404Not Found - The requested item doesn't exist.
500, 502, 503, 504Server errors - something went wrong on Ragic's end.

If there was an error processing your request, it will generally contain an error code and a description. Here is the list of error codes that you might receive as a response to a Ragic request:

Error Code IdError Description
101Invalid Account Name: {Account_Name}
102Invalid Path: {Path}
103Invalid Form Index: {Form_Index}
104Cannot POST Data To A Custom Form
105Authentication Required Before Using API
106No Access Right
107Resource Bundle Not Found
108Error Loading Requested Form
109Cannot Create More Records
201Error Processing Request Parameters
202Error Executing Request
203POST Request Did Not Finish
204Request Frequency Too High
301Sid Parameter / Session Has Timed Out
303Account Expired
304Secret Key Is Invalid
402Record Locked
404Record Not Found

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