API 开发指南

Returned data JSON format

For example, this is the API response for https://www.ragic.com/demo/sales/1?v=3&api. Remember to specify your cookie jar file in the call like "-b cookie.txt"



"_ragicId": 1,

"_star": false,

"Account Name": "Alphabet Inc.",

"_index_title_": "Alphabet Inc.",

"Short Name": "",

"Account ID": "C-00002",

"EIN / VAT Number": "",





"_ragicId": 0,

"_star": false,

"Account Name": "Ragic, Inc.",

"_index_title_": "Ragic, Inc.",

"Short Name": "Ragic",

"Account ID": "C-00001",

"EIN / VAT Number": "",



The listing is defaulted to 1000 entries. You can add paging parameter limit according to the following sections to get more entries.

The data in the subtables are displayed as the sample below. The attribute name is _subtable_ followed by the subtable ID to identify which subtable it is. The content of the subtable is presented the same way as the fields in a form.

"_subtable_2000154": {

"0": {

"_ragicId": 0,

"Contact Name": "Jeff Kuo",

"Title": "Technical Manager",

"Phone": "886-668-037",


"1": {

"Contact Name": "Amy Tsai",

"Title": "Marketing",

"Phone": "",


If your application does not need the data in the subtables, you can add the parameter subtables=0 to turn off the fetching of subtable data.

The comments of the entries is retrieved as subtables also. It will be retrieved in a subtable with the field id of 61, but you will need to add parameter comment=true when retrieving data for comment data to be returned.

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