API 开发指南

Finding API endpoints

You can find the API endpoint for your Ragic form or entry by passing api as a query string parameter to specify this is an API request.

https://www.ragic.com/<account>/<tab folder>/<sheet Index>/<record id>?v=3&api

Please Note:

  • It is required to modify www to na3, ap5, or eu2 in the API URL based on your Ragic database account URL.
  • The API version is specified by the URL parameter, v. e.g. v=3 specifies version 3 of the API.

It's a good practice to specify the API version every time you send your request to ensure a correct version. If the version is not specified, the latest version will be used, but unexpected changes to the API may cause problems in your application.

For example if you usually access your Ragic form using the following URL:


Its HTTP API endpoint URL would be:


Or for a single entry in your form, you would include an id (for example record id of 1) to specify an entry:


Its corresponding HTTP API endpoint URL is simply:


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