API 开发指南

Using Postman to access HTTP API

Postman is a tool that helps to send HTTP requests without having to code. You can see Postman’s documentation here, and Postman can be downloaded here.

Postman is recommended for users with little technical experience, and the fundamentals will be introduced in this tutorial.

The user interface for Postman looks like the image below:

  • 1. The dropdown menu that lists all HTTP methods to select from
  • 2. The destination URL that the HTTP request is sent to
  • 3. The action button that sends out the HTTP request
  • 4. Attributes associated with the HTTP request

For the image above, the HTTP request is a GET request, and it is being sent to https://www.ragic.com/demo/sales/1 with a query parameter "api" that has no value attached to it.

The image below shows the list of HTTP methods from the dropdown menu.

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