API 开发指南

Other GET parameters

There are several other useful parameters that you can apply to your HTTP GET request to change the content of the response:

Parameter NameDescription
subtablesSpecifying subtables=0 tells Ragic API to not include subtable information in the response.
listingSpecifying listing=true tells Ragic API to only include fields in the listing page.
reverseSpecifying reverse=true tells Ragic API to reverse the default ordering of the listing page response.
infoAdding the info=true parameter will add "Create Date", "Create User" information to the response
conversationAdding the conversation=true parameter will add the email conversation information related to this record to the response
approvalAdding the approval=true parameter will add the approval information related to this record to the response
commentAdding the comment=true parameter will add the comment thread related to this record to the response
bbcodeAdding the bbcode=true parameter will retrieve the raw BBCode value saved to the field instead of being translated to HTML
ignoreMaskWhen ignoreMask=true is given, the field value of "Masked text" will be unmasked if you are in the viewable groups. Click here for more information about "Masked text" field.
ignoreFixedFilterWhen ignoreFixedFilter=true is given, the fixed filter on this sheet will be ignored. But note that this will only work when the API call API key user has the SYSAdmin privilege.

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