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Data management tool for every organization.

Millions of businesses use spreadsheets to manage their data, because it's quick and intuitive.
But when multiple users and complex data are involved, it becomes a nightmare.
Ragic provides the next generation of database, simple as Excel but powerful as a database.

Linked forms and fields.

Experience the power of database right on your spreadsheet. Link and load data from other forms as you enter data.

Full-text search.

Powerful search engine built right into your database.

Query builder and saved views.

Create multiple views based in query criteria for any combination of fields.

Embed on your website.

Add the power of database to your web pages or blog.

Excel support.

We turn your existing spreadsheets into databases. Download your data as Excel files anytime.

Access control.

Fine-grain control over who can view, read, or write each entry.

Auto-generated reports.

Dashboards, ranking table, pivot table, charts, and more.

Built-in Approval Flow.

Automated one click approval e-mail for managers.

Reminders & Notifications

Configure e-mail and on-screen reminders and notifications on latest updates to your database.

Version tracking.

Full history on how an entry has been created and modified.

Simple, powerful API.

RESTful HTTP API for full programmatic access to your database.

Customized scripting.

However complex your business logic is, it can be done with our server-side Javascript workflow engine.

Give Ragic a try - it's free! Why we created Ragic?
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