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There are some popular pattern that developers use Ragic Builder to create community applications. Here we give a brief introduction to two of them to give you some idea on your first community application.

Bulleting board style applications

The bulletin board style application is the most popular pattern in the "Web 2.0" world. Similar applications range from Craigslist, Stubhub, to eBay where people can post their own items and view items that other people posted on the application.

Using Ragic Builder to create this type of application is extremely easy, simply create a form with fields for people to enter information on their listing. Set the access privilege for everyone to "Power User", and people can post entries, view other people's entries, but not modifying entries made by others. Using the query builder and full-text search, people can quickly find information he needs in thousands of entries.

Users does not need a Ragic account to participate, if they need to modify the entries they've made, they can identify themselves using their Facebook account, so we can make sure the modification is approved.

The commenting feature goes extremely well with this type of application, users can ask, answer questions freely on their entry before they would like to make a transaction.

Registration form style applications

Registration or survey form is the main application for most online form builders. Even though Ragic is enterprise software, getting this piece of work done for us is a piece of cake. You can create registration forms for your event, order form for your product, or online surveys in minutes.

By setting access privilege to "User" for group "Everyone", people can fill out the forms that you created to create a new entry without the privilege to see the entries other people created. On the other hand, your accounts under the groups with administrative privileges can access and interact with all the entries made.

A useful feature is the notifications, for example, you can add yourself to the notification list so that each time an order form for your product is created or updated, you'll be notified through e-mail!

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