Site Development StatusNot Available - Under Contract
Lease or SaleLease Only
Site Available (Acres)3,819.8
Lease Rate Per Acre, Year 1 Annual Escalator 
Sales Price Per Acre or SitePer Acre
SummaryOwner is requesting a lease offer for some or all of the land. Open Doors Management will present the offer to the Owner once Lessee and Investor have executed a Representative Agreement and NDA with Open Doors Management.

The transmission facilities crossing the property serve a wide array of electric cooperatives in multiple states.

The Laramie plant and all other coal plants in the Rocky Mountains are subject to closure as that all transmission operators like Tri-State are agreeing to reduce and eliminate coal-fired generation. Tri-State has agreed to reduce its emissions by 80% over the next 10 years. Tri-State has to plan the replacement generation of this coal plant well in advance of actual closure.  Here are some relevant links:

News article from Wyoming.
An informed and unbiased brief of the Laramie River Station.

Tri State delivers energy from Laramie using these lines:  2x345kV and 1x230kV.

This unique opportunity can position an energy company to be located in a prime renewable energy resource location with ample takeaway capacity and a large, local power buying market.

Land topography is ideal for solar, wind and energy storage development.

The property is surrounded by maintained county roads.  Property access is easy as well as the property is crisscrossed by multiple established two-wheel roads.

The landowner also controls ownership of 100% of the mineral interests.

1,200 acres immediately to the south was just recently leased for a solar development.
Lat & Longitude41.82800, -104.483496
Infrastructure Mapping Information, Open Doorshttps://www.arcgis.com/home/webmap/viewer.html?webmap=f928f314504444d8a2d459fc40d2cc07&find=41.82800, -104.483496
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KMZ FileWyoming-Goshen-Corn Creek.kmz
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Legal OwnerNot Disclosed
For Information
Lane Sharman +1-858-342-1415 lane.sharman@opendoors.com
Opportunity Zone?No
AssignmentLane Sharman
Listing URLhttps://www.ragic.com/ozquantum/real-estate/6/2?embed&hidetop&embedEntry&rmlc=8wk650H60XPlr20230131183818ozquantum%2Freal-estate%2F6
Local UtilityTri State
Interconnection BriefInterconnection References:
https://tristate.coop/about-us // owner of the transmission facilities
https://tristate.coop/operations // to gain access to Tri-State Interconnection Resources and Interconnection Queue

Coverage of the Transmission Facility (Missouri Basin Power Project) MBPP

Owner & Site BriefNone Provided.
Development BriefNone Provided
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Site Characteristics
TypeNotesMap URLImageFileCharacteristic SeqNbr
Utility, Transmission and System Operator
  • Basin Electric Power Cooperative
  • Black Hills Cooperation
  • Colorado Springs Utilities
  • Platte River Power Authority
  • Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc.
  • Western Area Power Administration
  • Xcel Energy - Public Service Company of Colorado

Transmission LineBackground on the Missouri Basin Power Project and Transmission.