Site Development StatusNot Available - Under Contract
Lease or SaleLease Only
Site Available (Acres)1,019.4
Lease Rate Per Acre, Year 1 Annual Escalator 
Sales Price Per Acre or Site 
SummaryThe site consists of three parcels and any portion of the land may be leased for wind and energy storage. The land is elevated making it ideal for siting multiple turbines.

The lease rate is per megawatt and per turbine with an annual escalator. The owner will provide for a three year option prior to a long term lease.

The local cooperative utility is CMS Electric.

The transmission line feeding the nearest substation is owned by Southern Pioneer Electric, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pioneer Electric Cooperative.

Generation is provided respectively for CMS and Pioneer by Kansas Electric Power Cooperative and Sunflower Electric Power Corporation. All operate as not-for-profit cooperatives serving members and ratepayers.

All are part of the regional balancing authority, Southwest Power Pool.

One of the largest wind farms in North America is 12 miles to the east in Minneola, owned and operated by Enel. It has an operating capacity of 599 MW.

This and adjacent sites can form a second resource feeding a dual 345 KV substation via Country Road H or the planned Invenergy Grain Belt Express HVDC line.
Lat & Longitude37.398459,-100.161566
Infrastructure Mapping Information, Open Doorshttps://www.arcgis.com/home/webmap/viewer.html?webmap=f928f314504444d8a2d459fc40d2cc07&find=37.398459,-100.161566
Site Image
KMZ FileKansas-Meade-Post.kmz
Term Sheethttps://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vTsc4H8xjfWDdyzsKLqQJhfnltO8PQu4mNKK6IQWQs0sxPIoYvx5dRiqDRnQwMvsLVf9SzdD1JqdOUu/pub
Legal OwnerKeenan Post Revocable Trust et al
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Lane Sharman +1-858-342-1415 lane.sharman@opendoors.com
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Local UtilityCMS
Interconnection BriefProperty is 12 miles due west of Clark County and Minneola, a wind resource center for Kansas.

Site is currently available for aggregation of the planned Thresher Wind Farm.

Southwest Kansas is a generation source planned for the Grain Belt Express Transmission HVDC Line.

Other lands in Meade County are suitable for solar creating a countercyclical resource to wind decreases in the summer while the solar resource is increasing.
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Site Characteristics
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UtilityThis substation is 11 miles from Kansas-Meade-Post site.

An extension along Country Road H would be 9 miles. (See Image).

The substation ties into the dual 345 KV substation to the east of Minneola.

Therefore, this region can become an additional wind resource to the 599 MW Resource to the East centered around Minneola. Solar resources are desirable as counter-cyclical to the wind resources.

Recent update on the this wind farm, owned by Enel North America:
Map ImageTopographical Map of Kansas-Meade-Post site.
Shows 20' +- of change in elevation.
Contours of site.