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    Integrating Ragic With Your Existing Systems Icon
    Excel Catastrophe 10: Which One is the Real
    Have you ever wonder that is the word “final” be cursed? Because whenever you add “final” in a filename, such as “Q4_Report_Final”, the file will...
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    A Roofing Database Made by a Roofing Company: R&R Industries' Success With Ragic Icon
    Finding a data solution that fits your own industry can be very difficult. First of all, not all industries have their own data management products,...
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    Migrating Your Spreadsheets to a Ragic Database Icon
    After years of using spreadsheet applications to manage data, you may have thought about migrating to a more comprehensive solution as your...
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    Excel Catastrophe 9: The Haunting AutoFormat Icon
    Scary stories are popular all over the...
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    Being able to customize their own databases is an eye-catching factor for many companies while trying to find a software application to manage their...
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    Excel Catastrophe 8: Easy in Theory, Difficult in Practice Icon
    How hard would it be to make an order list by Excel? Because Excel is one of the commonest office software, it is usual to receive various...
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    Excel Catastrophe 7: The Troublesome App Icon
    From Dropbox or email attachments, there come some occasions where you need to open an Excel file on your mobile devices. Depend on the situation,...
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    Excel Catastrophe 6: The Doom of Garbled Text Icon
    You successfully opened a CSV file with Microsoft Excel, and then you see weird text like...
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    Excel Catastrophe 5: Small Mistakes, Big Consequences Icon
    Small mistakes, big consequences: Have you ever messed up a report massively while updating its data on Excel via copy&paste? It is so easy to paste...
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    Excel Catastrophe 1:The Hell of Copy, Paste & Save Icon
    Are you still going through the never-ending copy and paste process? You may have a lot of data from various sales orders, and you are forced to...
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    How Do it Best Corp. Marketing Team Uses Ragic to Build A Project Management Database Without Writing Any Code Icon
    As the world's one and only full-line, member-owned distributor of home improvement materials, Do it Best...
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