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    Excel Catastrophe 10: Which One is the Real
    Have you ever wonder that is the word “final” be cursed? Because whenever you add “final” in a filename, such as “Q4_Report_Final”, the file will...
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    ERP Nightmare 07: The Forever Antique System Icon
    Talking about operating systems, what is the first one that comes into your mind? You may all have different answers to that question, but if I...
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    ERP Nightmare 06: Unnecessary processes Icon
    Finally, Joe finished a big project. Joe thought that...
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    ERP Nightmare 05: A Long Wait Adjustment Icon
    “Sorry, would you please make these changes to our ERP system? They are extremely crucial and we need them done as soon as possible.” your colleague...
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    ERP Nightmare 04: The Old and Mobile-unfriendly System Icon
    Since the pandemic began, our lives at work are now completely different. Although remote working is now a part of daily life, the level of...
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    ERP Nightmare 03: The Unbearable Cost of Customization Icon
    A few years ago, Eddie started his own small brand. In the beginning, he didn’t have many resources, so he used Excel to manage his company’s data....
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    ERP Nightmare 2: The Horror of Unfitting Tools Icon
    What do an ERP system and a suit have in common? The answer is: the custom one is usually better than the off-the-rack product. Moreover, the cost...
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    Work With More Efficiency: Have All Your Project Follow-ups Organized in One Place! Icon
    After a few months of quarantine, the spreading of COVID-19 is finally slowing down. Although the pandemic is not over yet, at least it shows the...
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    Ready to Work Remotely? Icon
    As COVID-19 (Wuhan coronavirus) continues to spread, remote working is now an urgent need for many enterprises to maintain their businesses and...
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    ERP Nightmare 1:Too Many Tools, Too Complicated Icon
    Does your company use an ERP system? A well-designed ERP system could strongly benefit companies in various aspects, such as making inventory...
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    Excel Catastrophe 5: Small Mistakes, Big Consequences Icon
    Small mistakes, big consequences: Have you ever messed up a report massively while updating its data on Excel via copy&paste? It is so easy to paste...
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    Excel Catastrophe 4: Loading Forever Icon
    Long ago, it used to take at least 5 minutes to turn on a computer. Nowadays, benefiting from the rapid development of technology, it is hard to...
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    Excel Catastrophe 3: The Forsaken Wrong Data Icon
    Gosh! Who changed the file, and at when? It is common to overwrite data in a shared sheet when cooperating with your colleagues, even yourself...
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    Excel Catastrophe 2: The Mysterious Setting of Formulas Icon
    Undoubtedly, formulas and functions are crucial in Excel. It would save you a lot of time at work if you know them well. But only if the setting...
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    Excel Catastrophe 1:The Hell of Copy, Paste & Save Icon
    Are you still going through the never-ending copy and paste process? You may have a lot of data from various sales orders, and you are forced to...
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