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  • Static content on Google Application Engine CDN Icon
    Hey this is pretty cool to us too. You can use Google Application Engine as a cheap CDN?! It's actually pretty simple, just upload your static...
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    Dashboard Online Icon
    Our experiences in the IT department told us, the hard work of making a bunch of data entry and data browsing function is invisible to company...
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    Mouse copy paste, CSV download, Backup and restore to different account Icon
    1. We have supported the copy and paste function with keyboard hot keys ctrl-c, ctrl-v, and ctrl-x. But we've found that a lot of our users are more...
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    Big Excel file import issue resolution Icon
    We've received reports on that there's some problem with importing big Excel files containing 100K+ entries. The issue have been resolved, and you...
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    Auto complete list of value selectors enhancements Icon
    We've made some fundamental changes to our auto complete list of value selectors. The selector option values are no longer stored in the database,...
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    New Ragic reference documents online Icon
    Thanks to the great tool of Docbook we've created our new version of documentation. It covers...
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    Explain Ragic in 5 minutes Icon
    A lot of people are kind of confused about what Ragic do when they first see it. We've added a short pictorial intro to Ragic, we hope this can...
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    Amazon EC2 machine images for Ragic Icon
    If you need an AMI image (Amazon EC2 machine image) to start your own Ragic private server, please contact jeff@ragic.com We have prepared...
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    Formula enhancements Icon
    Our formula will now fully support javascript. You can add all types of Javascript constructs to our formula. After the execution of your Javascript...
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    Auto reload, recalculate formula, Change password, Excel import Icon
    1. The form will reload it's data through AJAX every 10 minutes to retrieve updates to the current form. 2. The formulas will be automatically...
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    Formula, Color picker, E-mail address Icon
    1. When you enter an e-mail in a cell, it will become a mailto: e-mail link automatically. 2. When you drag the width or height of a column or...
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    Multiple Cell Copy and Paste Icon
    Updated on 2018/06/21: We're sorry to inform that the function is currently disabled since the system cannot recognize and map to target...
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    Facebook Integration Icon
    We know that a lot of our users are not corporate IT guys, but still loves to use Ragic Builder to develop useful applications for the public....
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